Christopher B. Mooney Portrait and Urban Landscape Paintings

Lake Oswego, Oregon

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Men's Faces
People Working
Bascule Bridges
Deck Arch Bridges
Suspension Bridges
Tide Arch Bridges
Truss Bridges
Vertical Lift Bridges

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Christopher B. Mooney 2009-2017
Hawthorne Bridge
Portland, Oregon

Christopher B. Mooney's
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A local celebrity in architectural painting, Christopher Mooney has made substantial contributions to the visual documentation of urban landmarks in Portland. As a painter of Oregon’s transportation architecture, he reveals Portland as a city of rivers and bridges, showcasing the character, function and form of these icons. He is fascinated by the way in which geometric shapes of steel girders frame the landscape of the city.

People cross bridges every day, and with each new crossing, you can celebrate the powerful engineering achievements these feats of architecture represent. The bridges of Portland improve commerce, connect communities, and unite the city. Mooney honors bridges by painting them from unusual points of view, giving them dramatic perspectives, rendering them both realistic and abstract. Light plays an important role in his paintings, illuminating structures, casting shadows, and encouraging viewers to see bridges in new ways, directing our attention to details that we might not otherwise observe.

Mooney has a BFA in illustration from Parson’s School of Design, New York, New York. He had been a member of Portland Open Studios; participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions; and has won several awards for his painting. His painting "Cityscape" was used as the cover and poster publicizing the book, "Rental Sales Gallery, Portland Art Museum, The First 50 Years". "Hawthorne Bridge, Celebrating 100 Years in Art and Words", a commerative calendar, featured Mooney's painting.